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Empowering your agricultural journey, initiated by farmers: agri1 combines cutting-edge technology with unique data streams. Beyond an intelligent agri advisor, it unlocks an ecosystem of innovative possibilities for the future of agriculture. 

effective AI for agriculture

agri1, in active development, uniquely leverages private and public agricultural data, live internet data, and a user-centric feedback loop, all accessed through a multi-modular user interface. This integration allows for personalized farming guidance, increased profitability, and a tailored response to individual needs, while seamlessly adapting to a constantly evolving agricultural landscape.

Unique agri Data

agri1 is presently under active development. This entails the training, fine-tuning, and data retrieval from both private and public agricultural sources, with a progressive addition of more data sources over time. For the sake of maintaining confidentiality, the specifics regarding the sources and training methods remain undisclosed.

Our data pools include:

Public databases from various sources such as the USDA, EU Commission, and several others.
Anonymized user data from the agri1 community.
Private databases contributed by private groups, cooperatives, and organizations, which include data not readily available to the public.

Live data access

Access to live internet data is crucial for agri1’s optimal function. Some examples of data access: 

Weather Data: Enables real-time guidance for farm operations, improving yields.
Market Prices: Guides selling decisions, optimizing profitability.
Regulations: stay updated on laws, ensuring compliance and opportunity utilization.

At present, agri1 does not have access to real-time data. However, anticipate a shift soon as this is poised to change.

agri1 evolves

agri1 will adapt to your specific needs, understanding your culture and challenges through your account. Using a data-feedback-retrieval loop, agri1 will gather information from users through a queue of research agents.

This approach ensures personalized service for each user, while simultaneously improving the overall selection of agricultural data within agri1.

As a user, you stand to gain from the unique combinations and aggregation of data provided by agri1.


Domain specific LLM 

Our vision at agri1 is to develop the most effective Language Learning Model (LLM) for agriculture, utilizing advanced AI techniques. Founded by a farmer, we intimately understand agriculture’s unique challenges. We’re evolving our AI tool through close collaboration with its end-users, learning from their hands-on experiences and insights. This approach ensures our solution is both technologically advanced and practical for everyday farming. We aim to empower farmers worldwide with AI tools that boost efficiency and sustainability. Our goal is to shepherd agriculture towards a future enhanced by technology, shaped for farmers, by farmers.

we’Re farmers ourselves

Questions every day

agri1, a platform assisting thousands, spans across more than 70 countries, addressing queries related to over 300 different crop types. It’s a hub of knowledge that demystifies agricultural complexities – from disease diagnosis to soil testing, fertilizer applications to pest management. In the vast world of farming, agri1 is a handy resource for farmers worldwide.

“What are the benefits of soil testing and how can I do it?”

Sunflower farmer


“What types of fertilizers are best for my crops and when should I apply them?”

Apple farmer


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We’re working on this project 🙂 

A project team lead by Max who is farmer & tech entrepreneur. 

agri1 was born on a farm, where Max started to use AI for his own farming of vines, apples, alfalfa, wheat. Max then published an early version on his agritech blog  

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Your data is not being used to train LLM providers like openAI or MosaicML, or other third parties.





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agri1 Features

agri1 is a sophisticated AI solution for agriculture, providing real-time, customizable insights that translate your unique farm data into actionable strategies, optimizing yields and efficiency. Emphasizing on continuous learning from user inputs, it empowers agronomists with precision decision-making, while respecting data integrity and adapting to each farm’s individual characteristics. The features below are in development.


Utilizing advanced agronomy principles and integrating cutting-edge AI, agri1 revolutionizes the farming process – delivering superior results for a sustainable future.


Your data is your power. agri1 respects this, ensuring secure handling of your farm data while unlocking the true potential it holds.


Access real-time agricultural insights with agri1’s live feed API, providing a dynamic, data-driven edge to your farming decisions.


Delve into the unique insights of Special Agri Data. agri1 helps you uncover hidden patterns and trends, leading to smart, data-driven farming


User-reinforced learning constantly evolves with you. Reads your inputs, it sharpens its expertise, enhancing predictions and recommendations.


agri1 boasts a flexible, multi-modal interface designed to adapt to your distinctive farming environment. This system embraces a range of media types, including not only text, but also images, videos, and potentially more in the future.


AI consulting for agriculture & API

We support and consult with all things AI in the agricultural domain.

We’re working on embedding agri1 via API to seamlessly integrate powerful agri insights into your existing systems, fostering data-driven agriculture that enhances productivity, efficiency, and yields across your operations.

Feel free to inquire.

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